John Carroll Doyle

Picnic on the Sandbar, © 2001
Textured Giclee on Canvas
33 x 60 in
Limited Edition of 195 "Many times Charleston has been rated the most polite city in America. Having been raised a Charlestonian, I grew up in an atmosphere of manners based on respect for others. This tradition of gentility, often associated with the Southern blue-bloods, was actually taught at all levels of Charleston Society. In 'Picnic on the Sandbar,' we see an African-American couple of humble means who have rowed from Charleston's peninsula to a sandbar just south-west of Fort Sumter. The gentleman in the painting, raised as myself to show chivalrous respect to women, bows and assists his lady from her carriage and onto the sand. A blanket and picnic basket await the couple; a prelude to a romantic lunch with Charleston's harbor at their feet."-- The Artist, John Carroll Doyle

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