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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Gallery is honored to welcome THE GRACE PROJECT to Charleston!

Please join us on OPENING NIGHT, THURSDAY, October 25th 5-8pm, as three prominent French Quarter Galleries will exhibit these epic silk photogrpahs by Charise Isis, creator of the Grace Project.  Come out and MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER at John C. Doyle Art Gallery, Revealed Gallery, and Cecil Byrne Gallery - and all 3 Galleries will Exhibit 11-6pm for the weekend of October 26th-28th after opening night.

 The Grace Project is a series of empowering and transformative portraits by photographer Charise Isis. They capture the courage, beauty, and grace of women affected by breast cancer. So far, over 400 women have been photographed for the project with a goal of photographing 800 women (the approximate number of new breast cancer diagnoses every day in the United States). Eventually the 800 portraits will be printed onto large format pieces of silk and exhibited together in one enormous space representing one day of breast cancer in America. In the meantime, smaller versions of the exhibition (between 1 and 100 silk prints) have been exhibited at galleries, museums, and events throughout the United States. Charise continues to photograph the project and share the stories that have been written on the bodies of these women. Six to eight men will be included in the 800 portraits to bring awareness to the fact that men are subject to breast cancer too.