Love Conquers All | John Carroll Doyle

Love Conquers All
48x60 inches
Private Collection © John Carroll Doyle 2010

JOHN DOYLE’S ANGELS HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE Artist John Carroll Doyle believes in angels; he had to. After having several events in his life (surviving his drug and alcohol addiction, major heart surgery, sexual abuse, agoraphobia, dyslexia, etc.) that opened his eyes to the spiritual side of things, Doyle began painting a modern view of angels over 20 years ago. One of the first paintings, ‘The Red Angel’, owned by Gary Erwin of Shrimp City Slim fame, shows a full length tall nude angel slowly walking toward the viewer with open arms to comfort and protect. The artist chose bright red because he felt that the devil always gets the best colors, and it’s time for the spiritual side to show off. The painting measures 8’ tall and in the early 1990’s was on display in the window of a King Street antique store owned by Danny Petterson, who was brave enough to hang such a painting. Since Doyle figures angels are above shame and have nothing to hide, his angels almost always appear nude. As it seems, not all people see things that way, as several ugly notes of condemnation were stuck to the door of Mr. Petterson’s antique shop door. The artist knows that nude angels may take a while for some to get used to, but he has no choice. Doyle says “This is about angels as representatives of truth and vulnerability and not hiding behind a cloak of denial.” John's newest angel is shown encircled in a flowing golden ribbon symbolic of her loving aura, several charm bracelets, one with a golden heart, and red cowgirl boots. “It has been said that life is a mirror, and I hope that those who view this painting will see the angel within us all.” ~ The Artist

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