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Margaret Petterson

I'm an intuitive painter. My brush moves in bursts...I follow these sparks of inspiration and let them guide me. So, yes, there is a bit of planning involved, a brief underdrawing or a couple of rough sketches...but I find that the most magical aspect of the artistic process is that problem-solving that happens when you're in the thick of it all.
-- Margaret Petterson

Apparently, this has worked very well indeed for Margaret Petterson, Lowcountry Painter and resident Charleston artist. Her intuitive approach to art has brought her national and international recognition for her oil paintings, watercolors and mixed-media monotypes. The artist has appeared on national television, her paintings have been displayed in embassies in both Jordan and Australia and locally she is proud to be an active leader in Charleston's growing art community.

Originally from Loris, South Carolina, Margaret moved to Charleston at the age of eight. Growing up in the lowcountry meant being surrounded by the beauty of the marshes, oak-shaded roads, and historic architecture of the Southern city. "I've always been an artistic person," she says, "but it wasn't until well into my twenties that I began taking it more seriously. I took a watercolor class at the Gibbes Studio of Art, and attended several workshops with local notables...and it seemed as if my artistic career just fell into place.